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Forgiveness Poems


Forgive Me
Forgive me for wanting and waiting. The time passed so happily.
Forgive me, I did not... more

Poet: LaReina Renee Fuentes

This poetry is in contest, please vote it! by: LaReina Renee Fuentes | rating:

I don't want to be bitter because of my past.
I want to be able to love, trust and... more

Poet: Paris Wheatfall

by: Paris Wheatfall | rating:

We had our honeymoon
What we were,
we will never be again.
What we had
may never happen again
in our... more

Poet: Robert Lee Kinard

by: Robert Lee Kinard | rating:

Accept Me
Accept me for who I am today,
Not who I was yesterday!
Understand the woman,
I'm no... more

Poet: Paris Wheatfall

by: Paris Wheatfall | rating:

Cry Me A River
Don't look at me with those pleading eyes,
that tactic wouldn't work anymore.
Don't you... more

Poet: Jenelyn Lambus Pedoc

by: Jenelyn Lambus Pedoc | rating:

Never forget me, when I'm Gone
I will place you on a pedestal or the highest altar,
So everyone can see that your mine. ... more

Poet: Raul Mejia

by: Raul Mejia | rating:

Proud Of Me
I want to say that I am sorry for
Doing what I have done that
Caused me to be away from... more

Poet: ~ the prolific penman

by: ~ the prolific penman | rating:

Concrete Cracks
I hope you recovered pain from the past,
As I sit back and watch you behind this... more

Poet: Gabby Baba

by: Gabby Baba | rating:

Tears Get In The Way

I wish so many things I could go back and change
It's so hard to live with the... more

Poet: michelle dawn witcher

by: michelle dawn witcher | rating:

in the past
Its not to hard, to open up your heart, and bestow upon me forgiveness, that is tearing us... more

Poet: Christopher kevin fossa

by: Christopher kevin fossa | rating: