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Forgiveness Poems


Teenage Years
A beautiful young girl in her teenage years,
Shes hurting and confused trying to hold... more

Poet: Chatsoni Henry

by: Chatsoni Henry | rating:

Stop Touching Each Hurt

I heard silence in the cobwebs
of your soul
while everything else walked
as if... more

Poet: Neva Flores

by: Neva Flores | rating:

Experience is the best teacher
Im here to say Im sorry
I know theres no excuse
and so you need not worry
about what... more

Poet: Denise Edwards

by: Denise Edwards | rating:

Door to the past
I ventured outside my sense of reason
Looking for those dreams Id lost
And went... more

Poet: Denise Edwards

by: Denise Edwards | rating:

Then & Now
Choosing to follow everything fake,
Left my mind and life completely blank.
Eventually... more

Poet: Tiffany Carlton

by: Jon D Knapp McAlister | rating:

To Love, To Mend, To Heal
My love today
In no doubt true
Imagine unable
A Life outside you

Made... more

Poet: Ed Demarquez

by: Ed Demarquez | rating:

I smile a subtle smile,
Looking to my left,
A cloudy cloudy sky, highlighted with blue,... more

Poet: Lori Mak

by: Lori Mak | rating:


These days speak to me
The changes I can see
My anger tearing at the seam
I wont let... more

Poet: Ashley Davis

by: Jon D Knapp McAlister | rating:

I forgive you
I forgive you well maybe I don't.
But if I don't myself I won't.
So maybe I should just... more

Poet: angela davis

by: angela davis | rating:

What Matters Not
Fault need not weigh on the conscience or you or I

Still we are where we are whether... more

Poet: Keely Gilmour-Walters

by: Keely Gilmour-Walters | rating: