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Poetry Contest (July 2014)


View real time poems in contest of July 2014, and vote them. Your vote will help any poet in winning this poetry contest. To find the details of each poetry in the poetry contest, or to keep up to date with the poetry contests, click on the "View And Vote in Real time contest" button bellow and go to that contest voting page. There you will find poems in current contest and you can vote them. You can also participate in this contest by just posting one of your poems.

Winner of this contest will be announced in contest winners section by 1st of next month.

Note: The contest in PoetryCraze.com will be virtually taken, and winner will be selected by visitors of PoetryCraze.com. Winner will also be announced on website. Remember, it is only virtual contest and it will build confidence in new poets that they can win any contest. Through virtual contest, poets will also know about ranking of their poems.

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Recent Poems In Contest

I wish you would by: Robert Lee Kinard

The King is dead by: Robert Lee Kinard

Innocent by: Sammy Nakitare Chepkwony

What makes her woman by: Sammy Nakitare Chepkwony

What I talk about by: Sammy Nakitare Chepkwony

Empty by: Sammy Nakitare Chepkwony

You break my heart by: Sammy Nakitare Chepkwony

yet we are by: michael wayne metzger

A Special Father's Day Poem A Note To My Dad. by: Dorianne Berman

Indifferent by: Bobbi Myers

Top Poems In Poetry Contest



Treasure on Earth by: Hem Chandra Tiwari (1336 / 2165)

WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES by: Jenny Kelley (1425 / 2310)

Kedarnath's Bloody Flood by: Hem Chandra Tiwari (734 / 1190)

Thirst of life by: Hem Chandra Tiwari (2649 / 4295)

Windstorm by: Bobbi Myers (922 / 1495)

Emptiness Has No Regrets by: Jim Sularz (927 / 1505)

Happy Birthday My Son by: Poet Shi (2204 / 3580)

How Do I Erase You by: Poet Shi (1784 / 2900)