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Top Poems In Poetry Contest (April 2014)


Colors by: Ashley Pitts 60%37095
Kathy by: bradley cox 60%37087
Life.... by: Ashley Pitts 60%37090
Bedtime by: Ashley Pitts 59%37093
CHILDREN by: Mohzyz Mosie 59%37109
Monsters by: Ashley Pitts 59%37096
His Chosen by: Jana French 59%37051
Coward by: Deidre 59%37114
Secret Love by: Deidre 59%37143
ONE LAST TEAR by: All fred 59%37153
Obsessed by: Deidre 59%37144
Islands by: TEDDY KIMATHI 58%37103
Salome pass by: Khokhlov 58%37159
Perpendicular by: Lori Mak 58%37104
Red by: Madi Paige 58%37106
Alive by: Ashley Pitts 58%37097
Befuddled by: Ashley Pitts 58%37091
frosting by: ovidd 58%37136
woman by: Allan Joseph 56%37135
Let It Be by: deb harman 56%37217
The Park by: bradley cox 55%37208
Tea by: Robert Lee Kinard 55%37130
my daughter by: Raul Mejia 54%37128
COURAGE by: All fred 54%37206
Five years in by: Deidre 54%37137
Hold On by: deb harman 54%37218
Losers by: Jamal Abboud 54%37214
ONLY LOVE by: All fred 53%37205