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Top Poems In Poetry Contest (July 2014)


Windstorm by: Bobbi Myers 61%37532
Bipolar Ways by: Poet Shi 61%37623
Soul mates by: Poet Shi 61%37534
Birthday by: ruffa sebuc 60%37327
Tell Me by: Poet Shi 60%37621
Ron by: ruffa sebuc 60%37326
Brat by: Bobbi Myers 60%37361
Souls Lost by: kate hoover 60%37371
Eve, Eve... by: Khokhlov 60%37382
Why ? by: Poet Shi 59%37652
Words by: Bobbi Myers 59%37518
I Lied by: ruffa sebuc 59%37328
No one by: donnaclements 59%37618
Feeling by: Victor Arias 59%37635
Untitled by: Poet Shi 59%37624
9/11 Tribute by: Poet Shi 59%37666
I'm Me by: Poet Shi 59%37689
SOLACE by: Amadi Promise 59%37473
My All by: Benisa Kartal 59%37359
Tumbling by: Bobbi Myers 58%37492
To Ponder by: Bobbi Myers 58%37520
MY GIRL by: TAlan 58%37324
Lizard by: Chris Ekong 58%37479
Our Love by: Poet Shi 58%37642
Trance by: ruffa sebuc 58%37331
How long by: petra pen 58%37722
Memories by: Karen Brown 58%37364
TELL ME by: kavitha george 58%37646
BETRAYED by: All fred 57%37503
Lost by: Shortiee Swagg 57%37377
Trials by: Soul Of A. Man 57%37680
Hush! by: Bobbi Myers 57%37519
When I Write by: Poet Shi 57%37538
ON THE STREET by: All fred 57%37504
You and I by: Parul Neeraj 57%37695
Mist Ballet by: Lamar Cole 57%37701
Confused love by: Poet Shi 56%37736
Travel On by: Bobbi Myers 56%37516
When I Write by: Poet Shi 56%37539
Endless by: ovidd 56%37383
Revocation by: Bobbi Myers 56%37515
Ignorant by: Megan Cairns 56%37724
Free by: Benisa Kartal 55%37698
Part I by: petra pen 55%37720
My Angel by: Raul Mejia 55%37671
Love Hurts by: Poet Shi 55%37537
WORD UNSPOKEN by: All fred 55%37508
Emotions by: donnaclements 54%37715
I LOVE HER by: All fred 54%37514
CHINESE by: Amadi Promise 52%37741