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Poem Of The Day

Why do we war

“In the dell of vicissitudes
Soldiers die but some return. Make sure it’s you”, comrade Nathan quipped
I knew there was no way in hell
To no one can I tell
Us, leavened zombies humming farewell
Pouring breath like exhaust
Kisses, hisses-histrionics
But trade them anyways, ‘cause they might be your last
Only I will miss me though
Tears grew in our sockets
But we mustn’t let it bloom
On the tables of our heart, wrote we dirges
On our palms, scribbled we lines of hope
Our fists clenched in ponder
Hearts thudded heavily, almost to the plastic point stretched the mediastinum
“ok, you won’t shoot, you would just keep hiding
Oh, you can’t hide forever, you still will die”
Let me be! My mind, as I corked my safety tablet
Soon bullets glided over our skin unseen like wind
Steel dotted his armour and blood shot out like fountains
“Stay with me Sergeant Fortune” I cried
Death consumed him in a hurry and panted for more
This is no place to think I knew
Death is everywhere, but
If I come back and people ask me
Hey man, why did you do it
I won’t say a word
Why? They won’t understand
They won’t understand it was about them
And that is it and that’s all it is
The only honour I’d get is a medal refined from the blood of the innocent soldiers massacred at war
Crap! ‘cause nobody asked to be a hero.

Poet: ajomole kayode