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Poem Of The Day

Little Talks

As the wind briefed the shrubs
To heel by its course
The wobbled shrubs then whispered
To be gentle by its arouse
The wind then tamed by the virtue of verity
For the shrubs to dance freely
The bopping shrubs then exclaimed
To bestow with clouds and dance monarchally
The wind then questioned
The sun that appeared brightly
Is actually taking away the greenery.
The thirsty shrubs then insisted
The wind to be kind
To come along with the clouds
To pour upon them heavily.
As the wind then decided
To play by its mollifies
It conferred with the vapors
And asked the sky
To evince its outrages with cumulonimbus
And fall upon the earth over the shrubs
To meet their thirst
And respire along with the wind
To heel by its course.
The fresh aroma of the earth
That breathed by the rain
Few drops glinted upon the garden
And the grasses sprinkled by the free rein.

Poet: Swairik Das